Tuesday, September 27, 2011

19 Months!

Calvin turned 19 months old on the 16th. This has been a crazy month for us! I turned 23, lost a baby, John turned 25, and John's grandma died. Lots of downs this month. But Cal keeps me going. Here's what's new with him.

Still comfortably rear-facing :)
Thomas (mas)
Shai (ssssay)
roll dice
money (min)
necklace (lessss)
this way

pats his leg when he wants you to come
leads you by the hand to show you what he wants
put his sandal on by himself
identifies his hands and fingers
goes down slides alone

Favorite Foods
seaweed salad
gerber fruit twists
concord grapes

Calvin has become quite enthralled with the tv this month. We have recently decided to cut him down to one show a day, before bed. It's not going to go over well. He absolutely loves Curious George and Thomas the train. I bought him a stuffed curious george off of amazon. He carries it around and sleeps with it.

Lately his favorite way to play involves putting objects in containers and taking them back out. We bought him a cheap set of dominoes and he loves to put them in the tin and take them back out. He also loves playing with coins (with supervision of course). Slides at the playground have been a big hit this month. He goes down even the really big slides by himself. He makes me so proud :).

He loves animals. His current favorites are elephants and monkeys (thanks curious george). He gets really excited when he sees any animal and he likes to make animal sounds. I'm thinking he will be an animal for Halloween this year.

Calvin had his first trip to the fair this month. He loved seeing all the animals and even got to go on his first pony ride. I think in the future we will be saving "animal viewing" trips for the zoo though. Looking those beautiful, gentle animals in the eyes knowing what is going to happen to them is just too much for me. I wish there was a local branch of PETA because I would so be one of the "psychos" that would go to a protest at the fairgrounds >:). I so do not look forward to the day Cal finds out what happens to the animals he loves so much :'(.

I managed to finally go through all of Cal's old clothes. I packed up a bunch of them to sell. I'm keeping a lot of them of course :). It was hard to get rid of them, but I know it's better to not keep everything lol.

Enough rambling for today.

First pony ride