Thursday, July 29, 2010


Calvin figured out how to roll continuously last night. He went from back to belly to back again. He was squirming so much that he squirmed right out of his pj pants. Mommaw came over last night and we got the kitchen looking great. I took Calvin's swing apart so we can store it. Today I am hoping to get caught up on some laundry and maybe start cleaning the extra bedroom. I want to put Calvin's crib and changing table in there and then get the pack n' play from Mommaw's to put in the living room so he can have a place to nap. A sad thing happened a couple days ago. The 2 year old neighbor boy suffocated in a freak accident. I just keep thinking about how it would feel to lose my little boy and it makes me sick. That poor baby deserved to live. I am determined to get my apartment baby-proofed now. I don't want to risk something happening to Calvin.
Someone has been knocking on our door twice a day for the last couple days now. I don't know who it is but I am not answering because if it was someone that knew me they know to call or text before coming over. Calvin had pears again yesterday. He really enjoyed them. It is so cute watching him try new things. Well I have to go now Calvin is fussing. Time to get him some baby food out for dinner I think.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I really need to get better at posting more often. Things have been getting crazy around here. Calvin is becoming very mobile. He just rolled from back to front for the first time 4 days ago and he is already doing it all the time now. He scoots himself all over the floor and gets into everything. I have some major baby-proofing to do! I fed Calvin pears for the first time yesterday. He wasn't too sure about them he kept making funny faces but he ate quite a bit of them.
I've been looking for a way to get us out of this apartment. I really hate living here but right now it seems like the only option we have is to stay. I would love to get a house though.
Money has been tight the last couple weeks but once we have some extra I plan on buying Calvin some Kawaii diapers. After a lot of research they seem like a great buy.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Creative title isn't it? Haha. We have been feeding Calvin a bit of babyfood every evening now. Yesterday I tried to make him some avocado but it turned out really chunky. So I strained it and used the avocado juice to make him applesauce. I added lemon juice at John's suggestion. Calvin did not approve. He made the funniest face! I tasted it and it mostly tasted like lemon juice so no wonder he didn't like it. This morning John made him and I a green smoothie again After he strained it the leftovers looked just like baby food and had the perfect texture so we decided to give Calvin some. He seemed to like it but he wasn't very hungry so he didn't eat much. He sure is fascinated with the spoon though.
I decided today that since he was starting to eat and he likes to sit up that I would get out the highchair. I dug it out of the storage in the basement and brought it up to the living room to put it together. When I was about halfway through Grandma Walter showed up to visit. She was surprised by how big Calvin has gotten.
After I got the highchair together I put Calvin in it and attached the toy it came with. He loves it. It plays music and lights up. I also got out his stacking cups for him to play with. He really likes them. I need to baby-proof the house soon he is starting to become very mobile. He scoots himself all around on his belly.

EDIT: Calvin also rolled from back to front for the first time today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures with food!

So things have been pretty fun around here the last two days. Monday Kym got off work at 1 so we decided to hang out. We cleaned up my living room, chatted, and watched movies (Sydney White and The Proposal FTW!). Then when John got up he decided to make him and I a green smoothie. I LOVE green smoothies! It contains spinach, pineapple, mango, and lemon. You can't taste the spinach at all it just tastes like a yummy fruit smoothie and it is really healthy. So anyway we decided to give Calvin a few tastes of it. So I stripped him down to his gdiaper, put a bib on him, and propped him up on the couch. He knew exactly what to do as soon as he saw the spoon. He opened his mouth and took a taste...and he LOVED it! Every time I gave him a bite I had to pry the spoon away so I could refill it. We got some great pictures and a video of the experience. So yesterday we were out of the ingredients for green smoothies so I decided to make Calvin some banana baby food. I took 2oz of breastmilk and one banana and mixed it up in the food chopper. He really enjoyed it too. Not as much as the green smoothie though! Then Mommaw and I went to walmart so she could do some grocery shopping. She got Calvin lots of little bowls and spoons and even a sippy cup. He isn't quite ready for some of it yet but it will definitely come in handy soon!
I can't believe my little boy is 5 months old already he is growing so fast!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

He called me Momma!

So last night I was sitting in bed with Calvin around 1am. He wasn't wanting to go to sleep. I laid him on his side like usual and sat there playing on the computer. He rolled onto his tummy and was laying there cooing and making noise but he kept laying his head down so I figured he was going to fall asleep. A few minutes later he had been laying still and quiet and John came in the room. He asked if I wanted him to take Calvin downstairs with him for awhile. "No, I think he's asleep" I answered. Right then he lifts his head, looks me in the eyes and says "Momma." I was/am so excited! He has been saying mum mum mum for awhile now but this is the first time he has directed it pointedly at me. I cried happy tears, John made fun of me. It was pretty great :).
John and I have both been feeling really lonely lately. We got pretty snippy at each other this morning around 4am. We talked it out and then laid down and went to sleep. When we got up we decided we needed to go out so we went up to Olive Garden. It was really nice. Calvin was great the whole time. When we got done eating we went and walked around Target for awhile. We of course got Calvin a couple toys. By the time we got home it was about 6:30 and by 7:00 John, Calvin, and I were all taking a nap. Calvin and I got up at 8 and we just hung out together until John got up. Now John is getting ready for work.
Mommaw got home from the camp today so Calvin and I are going to her house after I drop John off at Walmart. We'll probably talk, watch tv, and play with Calvin until bedtime. I think I am going to write up a family schedule so we can hopefully manage our time more wisely. I think it would help John and I get to spend more time together and John would get to see Calvin more.
I think Calvin has a cold. He has been really fussy and has been sneezing like crazy, poor little guy. Darn air conditioning, can't live with it, can't live without it. Our apartment is like an oven without running our air conditioner. I really hope we can find somewhere to move soon, I hate this place. It is like living in a cave.
I just realized that my blogs are really rather all over the place and I jump from one topic to another a lot. I don't think it really matters, just an observation.
On a random note Calvin has wore the same g-diaper all day without leaking! And that is even with having 3 poopy diapers today! I really think I am a bit pathetic when it comes to my excitement about his diapers. Haha
So that's enough for today, I have to take the hubby to work.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the stupid photos >>> on the side of this blog are all messed up and I can't get them to be all the same size and it is driving me bonkers. Ok I'm done now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boredom and Irritation

So I am so bored right now. I have been sitting on the computer for hours. Is there stuff to do around the house? Yes. Am I going to do anything? Nope. So I am pretty irritated with myself about that but I'm not gonna do anything about it. I am getting more and more addicted to WTE. It is so nice to have people with babies my age to talk to. Not having any friends with kids of their own is a bit lonely sometimes.
Calvin turned 5 months yesterday. He is getting so big already! Yesterday I got the biggest laugh out of him. I just made this really dumb noise and he thought it was hilarious. He laughed and laughed. It is so adorable! He has been saying mum mum mum all the time now when he is crying or wants attention. I am not sure if he knows what he is saying yet but it sure is sweet to hear. He is being extremely cranky and sleepy today and I am going crazy trying to figure out what's up with him. Sometimes I wish he could tell me what's wrong. But then I think, I should just enjoy him being little. He is getting so mobile already. I put him on his tummy on the floor and he scoots himself all over the place. I'm starting to get nervous because I know he will be crawling before I know it.
The cloth diapering has been going so great! I really enjoy it and it is becoming a bit of an addiction. I am actually going to ask for money for my birthday so I can buy him some more diapers. It really irritates me though that I don't really get much positive support for cloth diapering. It really is far better for him and for the environment. Plus it saves TONS of money!
I am still exclusively breastfeeding. It is going great and I don't see any reason to introduce solids yet. I was given the go ahead at his 4 month checkup but I feel that breast milk is all he needs at this age. I may start him on some foods at 6 months, we'll see when the time comes.
I just dumped my whole plate of food in my lap. Gotta love being a klutz. Annnnddd there went my camera. UGH
So I guess that is enough random jabbering for today. Bye-bye

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Post

So this is my first post on here. Not really sure why I am starting one of these considering I probably won't have any followers but oh well I guess it is good to get my thoughts down somewhere. So for anyone that doesn't know here is a little about my family and I:

I am 21 years old and my husband John is 23. We got together November 25, 2001 when I was 13 and he was 15 and we have been inseparable ever since. We got married May 1, 2008. It was a quick ceremony in the square of New Phila. We wore Ozzy Osbourne t-shirts and jeans. In June 2009 I found out I was pregnant. I was originally due February 18th, then it was changed to February 14th and finally February 15th. I was induced on February 16th. After trying for 2 hours to have him the doctor recommended a c-section so I agreed. Calvin Dean Bargar was born February 16th 2010 at 8:17pm. He was 9lbs 7.6oz and 21in long! After having him I hemorrhaged and had to be given 2 units of blood. Things looked pretty grim for awhile but I pulled through. We spent 4 nights in the hospital. Calvin had jaundice and had to be under the bili-light for about 24 hours.

The first 2 months at home were really tough. Calvin cried constantly, ate every hour or so and refused to sleep laying flat. At his 2 month pediatrician appointment he was put on zantac for acid reflux and things have been so much better! He will be 5 months tomorrow. He sleeps about 6 hours at night before waking to eat and then goes back to sleep for another 4-6 hours. He can sit up by himself for a few minutes, rolls tummy to back, passes toys from one hand to another, says mum mum mum, does sign language for mommy and daddy, and so much more already! He has been exclusively breastfed since he was born and it is going great. I plan on waiting until he is at least 6 months before I introduce any solids.

We are an animal loving vegetarian family. John has been vegetarian for about 5 years and I have been for about 3. We are going to raise Calvin to be mostly vegan and we are working on transitioning ourselves to be vegans as well. We also cloth diaper much of the time and we love it!

So that is about all I can think of to post for right now.