Friday, March 16, 2012

My baby is two!

Veteran parents always tell the first timers "they grow up fast". I know I heard it all the time, and frankly got a bit tired of hearing it. I thought to myself "yea, I know I know". Really, I didn't know! I had no idea that "fast" meant warp speed! Where the heck did I get a two year old? When did that happen? Maybe someone is playing a cruel joke...But really, I can't believe it has been two years.

So, here's some updates on our lives. And most importantly, on Calvin.

New Words/Phrases:
Way too many to list everything but I'll list some that come to mind.

__ o'clock
leap pad
excuse me
green juice
blues clues
dragon tales
blue eyes

He can also make lots of 3-5 word sentences.

when someone is upset he rubs their cheek with his hand
offers hugs and kisses often
washes himself in the bath
helps dress and undress himself
asks to go "night night" when he is tired
shares toys
Identifies red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown, orange and pink

Favorite foods: pizza, grapes, strawberries, green juice, cheese, pancakes

Favorite color: green? blue? I think he likes them all :)

Favorite toys: dinosaurs, animals, trains

Favorite shows: dinosaur train, blues clues, dragon tales, Bob the Builder

We had a great little family vacation for his 2nd birthday celebration. We took him to Independence, Ohio where we rode a train to Akron, boarded a trolley and went to the Akron zoo. Calvin had a blast, and so did John and I. Then he had his birthday party at the Moose. We had a good turn out and Calvin had fun playing with all his little guests.

It has been getting very nice outside so we've had the chance to get Calvin out to play much more often lately. He is loving it!
Eating his cake at our mini party

Feeding the goats
Checking out the fountain at the hotel

Here comes the train!

Birthday cake
Cal and his dino buddy