Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calvin's 8th month

Time has really flown by! Calvin turned 8 months old on the 16th. He is growing so fast. He is cruising like a pro. He pulls up and then gets back down easily now. He also can climb stairs and he loves making me chase him. Pulling clean clothes out of the laundry basket is tons of fun to him. He also feeds himself finger foods now and he really enjoys trying new foods. I think he might end up walking when he is 9 or 10 months old. He hasn't gotten brave enough to let go when he stands yet but I think he is getting there. He has been so active lately that he has slimmed down a bit. He was wearing 12 and 18 month clothes but now he is fitting back into his 6/9 month stuff. He had his first haircut on the 27th. He looks like such a handsome big boy now. Took him trick or treating at Chase's work yesterday. He wasn't too sure what to think but he loves playing with the suckers he got. Have an appointment set up to get his 9 month pictures taken. Planning on getting a lot smaller package this time.
Calvin's pumpkin
Getting his hair cut
Handsome boy
Look mom candy!
Loving the leaves

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