Sunday, October 31, 2010

Calvin's first playdate

I met a mom named Kyrie on the WTE site. She has a little girl named Evelyn. We discovered that we both live in Ohio, our babies were born on the same day and in the same hour, and we are both young moms! We decided to have a meetup and we just happened to schedule it for Calvin and Evelyn's 8 month "birthday." Kiki went with me. We met at Chapel Hill Mall in Akron. Evelyn and Calvin rode the carousel. They smiled and laughed the whole time. It was adorable. Then because we couldn't find a place for them to play together in the mall we drove around for awhile and finally stopped at a Wendys. We went down in the little sunroom area and let them play. They had so much fun together! They really hit it off and Kyrie and I have a lot in common. We definitely plan to do this again soon.
His hands are much bigger than hers
Chasing after her :)
Baby races

Teaching her bad habits

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