Friday, April 1, 2011

Long day

Cal has had a fever since Wednesday night. Today I finally decided to take him to the er because he was starting to sound a little raspy and was still acting sick. They gave him a nasal swab and a chest x-ray. The chest x-ray was hard to watch because they had to strap him into this contraption and I had to hold his arms above his head. Poor little guy just cried and cried he was so scared :(. Everything came back fine and the doc said that he probably just has a viral infection which they can't do anything for. He said to just keep his fever down and give him motrin every 6 hours and to bring him back if he gets worse. To top off everything when I was coming downstairs with Cal this morning I tripped and really hurt my toe trying to keep from falling. Luckily I didn't fall but my toe is killing me. I think I might have broken it. What a day :(
His restraint looked similar to this

Oh, little guy weighed 21lbs 14oz.

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