Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, I really need to update more often....

Anyway, the last time I posted was about Cal's first ER visit. Turns out he didn't get any better so I took him to the pediatrician. He was put on two different breathing treatments and some claritin. It cleared up within just a few days. I give credit to his super mommy-milk for such a fast recovery :).

Cal also started walking. On March 15th, the day before he turned 13 months old he just stood up in the middle of the living room and took off across the room. He practiced and practiced and was walking 90% of the time within a couple weeks. Now he runs everywhere. It is so cute to watch. I love having a toddler! I find myself looking back and missing his tiny baby days though. 

Cal is learning new things all the time. He can say a bunch of words now including mom, dad, bellybutton, stairs, shoe, eye, book, byebye, hi, that, this, egg, ball, paci, and bear. He also repeats a lot of other words. He can understand so much now and he surprises me every day with how smart he is. He absolutely loves books. He quietly sits and looks at them a lot. In fact he is "reading" a Disney baby book right now. We usually read about 3 books before bed. He really likes ones with animal sounds. I think he just likes to make mommy feel silly :).

Calvin also got to experience his second Easter. He enjoyed the eggs. He was convinced they were balls and kept trying to throw and kick them. It was adorable. He was holding one and said "ball" to Debbie. She said "no, egg" and he responded "ohh, egg" LOL!

John used his spending money from our tax refund to buy a vitamix. At first I was a little skeptical but after seeing what this thing can do I am soooo amazed. It was worth every penny of that nearly $400. It makes perfectly smooth smoothies, soups, and nut milks. It even heats the soup right in the container. I am sold :)

I've decided that in order to get going on keeping this updated I'm going to try to have a few "theme days" like a lot of blogs I read. So...

Monday: Hot Topics
Wednesday: Random family updates
Friday: Vitamix recipes and experiments
Saturday: Silent Saturday (picture posts)

I think that will be a good start. Maybe I'll add to it as I go.
My little guy walking

Easter eggs I colored since Cal fell asleep :)

Getting a breathing treatment

Walking to mommy
He loves brooms


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