Wednesday, August 24, 2011

18 Months

As of 8/16 Cal is officially...1 1/2! I can't believe time has gone so fast. Six months ago we were having his 1st birthday, and in 6 months we will be having his 2nd! It just makes me tear up. My baby is becoming a little boy :). It seems like he changes so much every month.

New things this month:

Wha dis?
Wha dat?
Wha is?
Where is/ma/da?
"elephant noise"

Favorite foods
cottage cheese

Cal has started taking an interest in the potty. We are hoping to officially start potty training soon. He has gone pee in his potty once.

Playtime mostly consists of him using anything and everything as a truck and making "vroom vroom" noises. He also really loves to play with his baby doll. He carries him around and tucks him in, then makes snoring noises and tells me "shhh". He also loves to pretend to be a kitty. He meows and purrs and rubs his head on everything. Then he will try to eat without using his hands. It is adorable.

His favorite book right now is "Another Monster at the End of this Book". He loves when I read it to him and do Grover and Elmo's voices. We read it almost every night. He also loves any books with lift-the-flaps and/or anything that has trucks in it.

This month has been pretty up and down. Cal, John, and I were all sick up until very recently for about two weeks. But we have still managed to go on some fun outings. Cal is getting much more social. He doesn't even take time to warm up most of the time. He will go right up to anyone and tell them hi. He of course has his shy moments though.

He has visited with quite a few babies over the past month or so and he adores them. Gia and Jersi are 10 months old now and full of coos and smiles when we visit. We haven't been to see them recently because Jersi just had hip surgery but I hope we get a chance to go see them soon. Kiki has brought Jarryd over a couple of times and Cal just loves kissing and patting him. We have also gone to see Ellee a few times and even had their pictures taken together. I think he will make a great big brother when the time comes!

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