Thursday, August 18, 2011

There are still loving parents out there

When John and I had Cal at Walmart today to get his prescription I saw a very loving dad. It was really touching. He was in the store with his probably 3 year old little girl. He was so playful with her and patient! If she started to run off he would say "remember to stay where I can see you please." she would come back in site and he would say "thank you" and when she wanted to explore and look at stuff he would say something like "yea that's really cool isn't it? It looks like big hands." Then while they were standing in line so he could get his prescription he she kept pulling on the cart that his leg was resting on. Instead of getting irritated or mad at her he said "whoa hey! Be careful, don't pull daddy's leg off!" in a lighthearted way. It was really refreshing and made me smile. One time she got too far out of his site and he reminded her to stay where he could see her. Testing her boundaries she said "but you could see my hand." I half expected him to get stern with her or something but he just said "but I couldn't see all of you. Stay where I can see all of you." Then as they were getting ready to leave she said "I want to push the cart." He said "Oh I think we should do it together (it was very busy in the store). Come on hop on" she got on the cart and he said "Ok now we are going to go find the puppy food and then we're going home." She told him she could help and he told her "great." It was all very positive and playful. They seemed to have a great relationship.

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