Friday, December 7, 2012


Yikes! I can't belive I haven't written since March! Well, I guess that isn't entirely true. I have a few blog posts started that ended up saved as drafts for months. Ah well, such is life with a toddler and a pregnancy/newborn. I hadn't even updated my blog announcing the new pregnancy! So here is a brief overview, in no particular order, of what has been going on in the last almost year.

Found out I was pregnant again in February
In April we found out we were having another boy
Went on family trips to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Kentucky etc.
Had a falling out with my mom, haven't spoken since
Moved to a new house
Got a van
Sold the car
Had a successful vbac
Went through an almost 3 week NICU stay
Started babysitting a little boy
Calvin potty trained

Calvin talks all the time now. He can say exactly what he is thinking, and he isn't afraid to tell you. He uses words and phrases like "indeed", "preferably not", and "of course" in everyday conversation. He has been an amazing big brother and adores his brother. More to come later on most of our big happenings. Just have to find the time to write.

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