Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekly Updates 5/11/11

So this will technically be published 5/12 but in my book it is still Wednesday because I say so ;).

This week has been pretty emotional for me.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Saturday Debbie and I went out for lunch with Calvin, dad, Shelley, and grandma Walter at Dutch Valley. There wasn't much I could eat but it meant a lot to grandma so I was satisfied. For dinner Debbie, Cal, John, and I took Mommaw out for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Then we went to Target for awhile and walked around while John and Cal napped in the van.

John was off Monday night so we went to a cookout at Michelle's with all our friends. It was pretty fun but Cal got restless so we left. I decided we should go to Walmart and get stuff to make quesadillas. While we were there one of John's co-workers saw us and said "I hear congrats are in order. You're an aunt and uncle."

Apparently Sam had her baby and nobody contacted me, Debbie, or Jen. We are all pretty pissed off and hurt over it. I was hoping that the four of us could patch things up before she was born but I see no hope now. I will never be able to forgive her for not allowing us to be there for the birth of our niece. I am slowly getting over it and moving on though. I am hoping I will at least get to be involved in Jarryd's life when Kiki has him. I know I'm not his aunt or anything but Kiki and I have always been super close and I think it would be great for our boys to grow up together.

Calvin is doing great. He has started to say phrases now. The first one was when he was playing he picked up John's old cell phone, put it up to his ear and said "You do what you do. Bye." John and I were just amazed at how clear it was. The next day John was laying on his back and Cal crawled up and said "Daddy bellybutton". Then he pulled John's shirt up and did his "Oh no" sign. It was hilarious. He has also been saying "daddy byebye" and today when we dropped John off at work he said "I love you bye". All of these things aren't perfectly articulated but they are definitely clear enough to understand. He absolutely loves books and we read three every night. He had his 3rd haircut last week and he did great. He sat still the whole time and didn't cry even when she used the clippers on him. He is turning into such a sweet little boy. He amazes me everyday with his affection. He is also becoming quite the little outdoorsy type.

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