Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday party drama :(

So I thought that things had cooled down between my mom and dad. Yes they can't stand each other but they had both been being pretty civil (besides the times dad gets drunk and acts like an ass). So I wanted to throw a first birthday party for Cal but we don't have money right now so I wanted to do it as cheaply as possible. I figured dad could probably get the trumpet room for free so I texted Shelly's phone and asked if dad would be able to help me out. BIG MISTAKE! He decided that he and Shelly were going to pay for everything and told me that he would only do it if my mom couldn't come. Thinking I didn't really have another option since I didn't have the money to have it elsewhere I told him ok. I figured I could have a separate party with my mom and the walmart people. Well after arguing with Shelly over her issues (she constantly says things about us hating her and stuff) dad said we would talk about it later. I didn't hear from him for awhile. I figured he was mad about me getting snippy with Shelly.

I talked to mom and she offered to pay for a party for Cal. And she told me I could invite anyone I wanted. Perfect! So I had Debbie talk to Ron on Friday and booked a party at The Skate Place for the day after Cal's birthday. Wouldn't you know it, got a text yesterday from Shelly: 

 "what are you doing for Cal's birthday?"
"We're having it at the skate place. But I still want to do something with you, dad, shonna and marissa"
"When? Can we come?" 
"Feb 17th 4:30-6:30 and I would love if you would come. But my mom is going to be there so if you will be uncomfortable I'd understand. We can just do something separate" 
"Good you have your mom dont try to get close too much drama"
So I'm sitting there thinking wow...if you would use punctuation maybe that would make sense.
"I don't understand what you mean"
"Have a good party see you spring or summer maybe"
So now she totally pissed me off. If this was the first time she'd pulled out the pity me card I would have just dealt with it but she does this every time I talk to her. Made me really mad because if she couldn't put on her big girl panties for one day and come to his party she could at least agree to do something separate. So I had had enough and I sent back "No, forget it. Don't text me anymore." 
And I threw my phone down a flight of stairs and went and had a nice cry and got my anger out by cleaning my bedroom. Looked at my phone a few hours later and she had sent "I wont ever again" 
Had a missed call from my dad and a final message from Shelly that said "you still have your dad dont ever contact shonna again"
I sent back "No, if you are going to be like this I want nothing to do with dad. And that is Shonna's decision not yours. Leave me alone."

I hate drama. Totally ridiculous.

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