Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unconditional Parenting Chapters 1-4

After lurking the attachment parenting board on babycenter for quite awhile I kept seeing the book Unconditional Parenting mentioned in responses on nearly every topic. I decided it sounded like a very interesting read and I bought it as soon as I had a chance. When I first started reading it I must admit I was a little wary. Chapter 2 was particularly difficult for me to understand and I actually put the book down for quite some time before finally picking it up again and starting from the beginning today. Four chapters in and this book is totally blowing my mind, but in a good way. I have been against physical punishment for a long time but this book is making me realize that many other forms of punishment and even rewards can be harmful. It is definitely against the mainstream thinking when it comes to parenting but after getting this far into the book it is starting to make a lot of sense. I am excited to continue reading and evaluating this book.

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