Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cal and Eve's Sleepover take 2!

Kyrie and Evelyn came to stay again from January 20th through January 27th. As always we had a blast. Cal and Eve are interacting with each other more and more each time we get them together. We took them to the skate place twice and to the mall to play. We even had a mock birthday party for them and they had pumpkin harvest spice cake (yummy!).Evelyn wore Calvin's cloth diapers while she was here. I must say I enjoyed having two in cloth for a week. Kyrie had planned to stay longer but she had a doctor's appointment the 28th so she had to go home early. Can't wait to get together again soon :). Calvin also started standing alone while they were here. I think he is trying to keep up with Evelyn.
Calvin is now fascinated with nipples. Evelyn was pretty confused when he poked hers LOL

Kyrie and I had a good time skating while the babies hung out in the play area

Hanging out at the Skate Place playing with spoons

Ready for bathtime

Eating their birthday cake. They LOVED it!

Yummy cake
OMG om nom nom!


  1. Fun! Fun! That's awesome you have another mommy and baby friend!