Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just another reason why I attachment parent

I was reading my babycenter attachment parenting board when I came across a post that really made me feel good about the choices I am making with parenting. The person who started the thread posted this link It is a dad's memory of his son that passed away in an accident recently. This is part of the story 
He can picture it so clearly. Every night, after being placed in his crib, Little Nate would hop right out and curl into bed with his mother and father. If they told him no, Nate would cry, and Zane and Ann would cave in and let him stay. Zane had been told by friends that this was a bad precedent to set, that toddlers need to learn to separate from their parents at some point. So one night, he let Little Nate stay up until about 10 p.m., got him good and tired and laid him down in his crib. And in case the kid climbed out, Zane locked the master bedroom door.
The next morning, he woke up, thinking, wow, it worked. Then he looked over at his door and noticed a tiny hand underneath. Nate had again escaped the crib and fallen asleep trying to reach through the bottom of the door. All Zane could see was five baby fingers. God, he felt awful. So that's the memory that keeps flooding back to him, that's the one that still makes him break down, even now.
Because he'd do anything to have one more night with Nate.

Reading this literally made me feel sick to my stomach. Society pressures us into forcing our babies to grow up and be independent when WE decide they need to not when THEY are ready. I am going to enjoy every moment of co-sleeping and snuggle time that I have with Calvin. I never want to look back and wish I hadn't forced him to sleep alone. Because someday, when that time comes, I'll wish for just one more night with him.

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