Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's been forever since I updated so I figured I better get busy.

December 5th was the Ozzy concert we had so looked forward to. We had planned on stopping in Akron and dropping Calvin off with Debbie. So when Kyrie and I decided that we would like to have a mommy and baby sleepover it seemed like perfect timing :). We left here around noon and using Norm's fabulous GPS (I will NEVER go far without this thing again! So awesome!) we made it to Poland and Kyrie's house in about 2 hours.   I was very nervous since Kyrie and I had only met in person once before. I was worried that we wouldn't have anything to talk about or something. Turns out I was worried for nothing! John sat in the back with the babies and he, Kyrie, and I chatted on the hour drive to Akron. Cal and Eve were super interested as to why there was another baby next to their seats. They kept looking around the sides of their carseats at each other. It was very cute. When we go to Akron Debbie met us at her house and we did our xmas gift exchanges between Eve and Cal and Kyrie and I. Eve got Cal a toy truck that he loves and Kyrie got me a blue keyquest key tree ornament :). Before we knew it, it was time to leave for the Ozzy concert! Kyrie hung out with Debbie and they went with the babies to Wasabi while John and I headed for Cleveland. The Ozzy concert was awesome. But I'll save that for another post.

After the concert we returned to Debbie's house. Debbie, Kyrie, Eve, and Cal were sleeping so we quietly went to bed. Calvin woke up at about 2am though and wouldn't go back to sleep so we took him and went to waffle house and walmart so he wouldn't wake everyone up. He still wouldn't sleep when we got back and Evelyn was awake so John and I were very tired the rest of the day. After Debbie's observation she had to do for one of her classes we headed home.

We spent the next few days having tons of fun. Cal and Eve had a ton of fun playing together. They shared food, fought over spoons, laughed and played. We took lots of adorable pictures. After days of fun we had to take Kyrie and Eve home. The snow was threatening to get pretty bad in Poland and we didn't want to have to drive in too bad of weather. We stopped at Olive Garden in Canton on the way and Kyrie seemed to enjoy it. When we got to Kyrie's house we went inside for awhile and I fed Cal some baby food. Then we took Cal and Eve out and let them experience the snow. Eve didn't mind it but Cal hated it and he cried.

We had tons of fun together and we are planning on getting together again January 20th.