Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures with food!

So things have been pretty fun around here the last two days. Monday Kym got off work at 1 so we decided to hang out. We cleaned up my living room, chatted, and watched movies (Sydney White and The Proposal FTW!). Then when John got up he decided to make him and I a green smoothie. I LOVE green smoothies! It contains spinach, pineapple, mango, and lemon. You can't taste the spinach at all it just tastes like a yummy fruit smoothie and it is really healthy. So anyway we decided to give Calvin a few tastes of it. So I stripped him down to his gdiaper, put a bib on him, and propped him up on the couch. He knew exactly what to do as soon as he saw the spoon. He opened his mouth and took a taste...and he LOVED it! Every time I gave him a bite I had to pry the spoon away so I could refill it. We got some great pictures and a video of the experience. So yesterday we were out of the ingredients for green smoothies so I decided to make Calvin some banana baby food. I took 2oz of breastmilk and one banana and mixed it up in the food chopper. He really enjoyed it too. Not as much as the green smoothie though! Then Mommaw and I went to walmart so she could do some grocery shopping. She got Calvin lots of little bowls and spoons and even a sippy cup. He isn't quite ready for some of it yet but it will definitely come in handy soon!
I can't believe my little boy is 5 months old already he is growing so fast!

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