Friday, July 23, 2010


Creative title isn't it? Haha. We have been feeding Calvin a bit of babyfood every evening now. Yesterday I tried to make him some avocado but it turned out really chunky. So I strained it and used the avocado juice to make him applesauce. I added lemon juice at John's suggestion. Calvin did not approve. He made the funniest face! I tasted it and it mostly tasted like lemon juice so no wonder he didn't like it. This morning John made him and I a green smoothie again After he strained it the leftovers looked just like baby food and had the perfect texture so we decided to give Calvin some. He seemed to like it but he wasn't very hungry so he didn't eat much. He sure is fascinated with the spoon though.
I decided today that since he was starting to eat and he likes to sit up that I would get out the highchair. I dug it out of the storage in the basement and brought it up to the living room to put it together. When I was about halfway through Grandma Walter showed up to visit. She was surprised by how big Calvin has gotten.
After I got the highchair together I put Calvin in it and attached the toy it came with. He loves it. It plays music and lights up. I also got out his stacking cups for him to play with. He really likes them. I need to baby-proof the house soon he is starting to become very mobile. He scoots himself all around on his belly.

EDIT: Calvin also rolled from back to front for the first time today!

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